Happy Women’s Day!


This is my 100th post. I thought so long to what to write on my hundredth post. Then today is March 8th. The International Women’s day. So I thought I would write something about it. Chennai Bloggers Club, the group I am associated with in FB also is running a marathon post on this.

Women are said to be weaker sex. I am yet to come across a weak minded girl in my life. The first woman in my life is my Mom and very few people I know are as strong as her. She effortlessly managed home, office and sometimes our family business with knack and endurance. At my age she was married and also working tending to a huge joint family. My grandmother helped her a great deal. Dad, being a marketing guy was out of home for long periods. Whenever he comes home would be a festival for us. At one point of time my Grandmother and my father both were hospitalized in the same hospital. That too at the time of auditing in my mother’s office. She managed to arrange money for the treatment, got good grades with the auditing team and made sure everything is set for us to go to school. If I had known to take problems head on and know if things get harder the harder keeps going its because of my mother.

And then comes my sister. She is one weak link I have. I can go on talk and write about her endlessly. If I had seen my Mom as a grown woman taking care of a family, I saw my sister who carried herself well in her teen ages. She was strong, had fun, never bogged down by restrictions and made us all proud. I reserve the seat next to driver seat while she is driving. Its a pleasure to see her whiz past the traffic in Nelson Manikkam road as if she is eating a piece of cake. She is a very good and responsible driver. She never jumps signal, Most of the time we were the only car waiting for the light to change to green. I wrote this big post on Rakshabandhan day for her. And here is the song that would make her happy any time.

And there are numerous other women also, who stood by me when I was tested by time. This online friend from Hubli made sure I ate daily when I was tending my broken heart by calling from her college almost daily. And there was one another girl from London who keeps on calling now and then to check whether I am alright even if she is going through the same phase as I do. And then there is this girl in Chennai who challenged and motivated me to write a novel in 100 days and keeps on checking with number of words and chapters I have crossed. Its a blessing to have known this much caring people in my life. I have not been to so many places and met many people , I don’t have a blood sister, so these are the women in life and they do deserve a special day.

I was visiting hospital few days back and I saw this newly wed couple there. This guy drove rashly and broke his leg in some accident. They were married for only three months. But still the wife was at his side almost daily and cared for him like a baby for all his needs. I still wonder what makes women so adaptable to changes. Before three months she would not have went to kitchen to get the cup of coffee. While returning to home from office her younger sister would massaged her legs. A whole battalion of cousins would have seen her as inspiration and fun person to be with. But once married she takes care of this guy with all her effort and that too she knew very well that when she gets pregnant this guy cannot even take care of her and will send her to her mom’s place. What makes women do this? She had known this person only for three months but still, she gave it all for that person who is in need. I think I will never understand this.

Paying them back is simply impossible. Respecting them for what they are is enough. I learnt this from my father. I dont remember a single thing he got me before he got the approval from Mom. Whenever there was an important decision to be taken, he takes mom’s opinion. It may be as simple as buying dinner from hotel to investing money. For him his wife’s words matter and all else comes next. We grew up watching my dad treat his sisters, mother and wife.

My brother and sister are my best friends. I have done all the mischiefs with him and most of  the time he got the beatings. Even when he knew, that something I did for fun took a drastic turn, he never shouted at me. He calmly talked me through it and made me repent for what I did. Such person got angry only once at me because I was teasing a girl. That too I was only 14 at that time. I have never seen my brother so angry on me before. I promised myself that I wont do it again in my life.

If I am someone in my life right now, its because of the women in my life. They appeared in different times at different places but always helped me to become a better person.

To all the beautiful souls out there, Wish you a very Happy Women’s Day! You deserve a lot better world and treatment. But you know na, we are slow learners but we will eventually catch up.

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    1. --- :) ----

      Glad you liked it Akka! Was thinking of doing this for a long time. Thanks again for your comment 🙂

  1. Susan Deborah

    Sometimes even I try to understand the complexities of a woman and I fail to grasp the entire picture. Taking the example of the newly married couple, I am completely baffled to see how the woman adapts and manages herself in the new house discharging duties and doing things as if she was doing it all through her life.

    Lovely post which has a nice flow and feel.

    Thanks for the wishes. On days like this I remember that I am also a woman, on other days I don’t give much thought to it 😉

    Joy always,

    1. --- :) ----

      True that. They have more shades and roles to play as you said. Willingly or unwillingly they take it up all the responsibilities. Thanks for visit and encouragement Susan. 🙂

    1. --- :) ----

      Every guy understands women in their own way Fiona. But we are not good in communicating things you know. Glad that you liked the post. 🙂

    1. --- :) ----

      Yeah its a daily thing. Only when my Mom fell ill someday made us realize what and all she was handling. Three males were not enough to finish the work she single handedly finishes in one hour :-)..

    1. --- :) ----

      This is partly inspired by your post Mahesh. Thanks for the wishes. I will try to make it a double century this year 🙂

  2. Sanjeeta kk

    I could relate completely with your father asking approval of your mother in all mundane to important matters of life. Such small and unseen actions do make a healthy family. Lovely read, Bragadeesh.

    1. --- :) ----

      Yeah! That is one thing I will follow in my family life. Dad has taught us a lot about respecting women. Inside and outside the family :-). Thanks for visit and comment Sanjeeta

  3. Prince

    Great post.. Congrats.. What stuck to ma mind is, not the tributes to the Amazons but to your brother.. In every other post or talk he is involved in.. that makes me feel guilty of not giving due credits to my bro too ( or, should it be other way around.. 😉 )

  4. mukerv

    another excellent one.. reading it, i feel jealous tat i didn’t such friends 🙂 ..
    another excellent one… dude…. You have some style which i good… Continue cherishing moments, cherish blogging and its time to go to the next level…

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