Wake Up Sid!

OK! This is not a review!


I have this habit of having movies in my mobile which I watch repeatedly. This is one of such movies. The others include Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dil Chahta Hai etc., but whenever I feel so low. I used to watch this movie and it creates magic every time I see it. May be its just me.

The movie follows Siddharth, who is a super happy go lucky man (boy), who meets with a stranger and forms a healthy friendship. When he fails in exam, he is thrown out of the house and finds shelter in his friend’s (Aayisha) house. And they end up living together for a brief period of time. The film then shows how they are different in their own way in every single thing, yet find something in common. They keep evolving as human beings and each realizing and appreciating each other’s differences.

Given this is the story line, the film has its moments. Everybody in the film fits their role to Tee. Ranbin, Konkana sen Sharma, Anupam Kher just weave magic in the screen. Especially the Mother character. She is ever supporting her child but also understands her husband’s feelings. And the character Lakshmi who is Sid’s friend is another memorable character.

The film is like coming of age genre. But doesn’t give that feel in the first half. Ranbir plays the spoilt brat, but doesn’t seem out of place at all. I have been travelling in public transport and walk most of my life. But the sudden change in lifestyle, pampering of the workplace makes me yearn for a car ride. Now I dont think twice before waving an auto if I don’t get a bus for say ten minutes. Similarly a guy who was brought up in luxury when suddenly pushed into living in his own is superbly portrayed in the movie. Its very natural how he makes himself comfortable at his new friend’s house to how he takes responsibility later is shown neatly.

Then the Aayisha Banerjee. A girl who comes from Calcutta to Mumbai to pursue her dream. Writing. She is super careful of how she conducts herself with others. Be it her boss or newly acquainted happy go lucky guy. She always knows her limits and she subtly mentions the other persons limit also. She thinks Sid as immature and the sequence which shows where she realizes everybody is immature in their own way and letting chaos in now and then is fun is very well enacted by Konkona Sen Sharma.

There are many scenes which strikes the chord with viewers such as the one where Sid, takes photograph of next door kid with his mom. The scene is wonderfully enacted by all and at the end of the sequence, Sid decides to visit his mom, whose overtly affection never appealed to him. When he goes home, he first tells her, that he is not here to say and they both start looking at Sid’s childhood albums. When his mother tries to talk to him in broken English, he asks her why not  she talk in Hindi in which she is comfortable.

She replies, “Maybe, if I start talking English like your friends, we will also become best friends and you will spend some time with me”

This scene always brings some wetness to my eyes because, since finishing school,  I dont remember spending much time with my mother. We both were always busy and running behind something. But I never thought it would make her happy. In some rarest of rare occasions I have sat with her and she had done all the talking. The small listening session which started by afternoon one went well past midnight. I was pleasantly surprised that my mother had so much to share with me and she was happy that I took out some time for her.

The first day when Sid spends at Aayisha’s house, she leaves early to work and he doesnt know to cook. He waits till she comes back from work and asks whether she ate. And then she realizes he doesnt know to make anything and cooks for him. The background slowly goes into the song “aajeeb rasta hai yeh! Kaha shuru kaha khatham” sets the mood for the scene and film as well.

Supriya Pathak as Sid’s Mom is just awesome. I cannot even believe that some one can do that role that easily. She is so fluent in broken English throughout the film. The sequence where she comes to Ayisha’s home to look where Sid lives is a wonderful sequence where both the actors, Supriya Pathak as well as Konkona Sen Sharma.

Shankar – Ehsan and Loy has composed the music for this film and needless to say they rocked. One song was composed by Amit Trivedi which is Iktara and this takes the cake. Background score is also by Amit Trivedi.

There are many such poignant moments in the movie, which are actually cliched but do not appear when you watch the movie. This is one thoroughly enjoyable watch. If you have time just watch it and let me know how you liked it.

P.S. I particularly liked Sid’s Tshirts in the movie. In only one scene he wears a shirt. As well as he holds a Nikon like me. One more reason to like the movie.


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