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On Monday, I got the book “The Bankster” from Blog adda as a part of their Book review program. What caught my sight first was the bookmark they have provided. Flipkart comes up with some unusual ways to bookmarks when ordering a thick book. But this one read like this.

But I have to finish the book as it was irresistable and I was able to finish the book and gave review of it. And then I decided to check these guys out. As they are a startup, I wanted to know what they are upto and when I visited their website, boy I was super excited.

Zepo helps the first generation enterpreueners and startups to make their dream come true by taking their business online in less than five minutes. They offer a website with your brand name, full SEO friendly and all. They have multiple templates to choose from. Zepo deals with B2C the best. They help you showcase your products with photographs and the visitor/buyer will be easily directed to buy the particular product.

The payment options comes with the type of membership you take. They have three different memberships and the first one doesn’t give you a choice of COD or Payment Gateway. The second and third options for membership is more versatile as you can display more products as well as you have variety of payment options available which will be a boon to any startups.

So the charge, Its amazingly reasonable. Given all the headaches a person should go through to setup an e-commerce website, their offering is quite a bargain, I would say. There are various features that are available with the  membership like Email notifications when order placed, Payment Gateway as said earlier, Zoom options just like Flipkart or Snapdeal for your product photos, Inventory Management, Out of stock notifications and whole set of useful features.

They are now giving away a 14 day trial period and if you are running a boutique or fashion jewellery business offline, its time you take it to larger audience. You have prepare before you can go online obviously. There are lot of things to be considered right from the stock in hand and the packaging that you are going to send to your customers. And considering you are buying the service for taking your business online you may consider to rework your pricing too. If you are ready, you can go ahead.

And Zepo also has tie up with the courier companies which will make your delivery smoother and safer thereby earning super good name from your buyers. And the rest is upto you.

It was late at night when I visited their website and since I had no idea what they were upto, I was at loss. Then a Customer care representative pinged me in their live chat. I should tell, giving support to a customer at 1.00 am at night is something I call awesome for business. He was very helpful and answered various queries. I literally took him for a ride taking from cracker business and ended up with an idea of setting up a store for used books. He gave various ideas that would work for each business and what wouldn’t work as well. I asked for the delivery details and BAM it was right in my inbox in two minutes flat. Impressive 24/7 customer service. One thing less to worry about when buying online.

You would like to see their video here that will explain their business more clearly than I can ever describe. As well as here is the link of one of the website, that used their service and I should say, they hit the bull’s eye. I am on the way to order something.

So my blogger friends, I see a lot of you do impressive work in designing jewellery, clothes, accessories and what not. You can always make use of this and make a mark.

If you know similar services, ping me in comments and we will have a discussion.




  1. dinesh

    Dude…you should really take a language course before you write any more reviews. You’re doing more damage to a start – up than any good

    1. --- :) ----

      Well, While I agree with you on taking a language course, The start-up actually liked the post it seems. And since it is my personal space, I have the liberty to do whatever I want to do. Dont you think??

  2. TanyaSRao

    Hey Prasanna,

    Tanya here from Was just dropping in again to say a big thank you for your review! 😀 Thanks for taking out the time and reviewing us.


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