Computer Park Cafe – Episode 2

The next day was not so new for me. I have been in this routine for few days now. Most of the time when Mani gets late or plans to be late, he will trust the keys with me and I will open the shop. So I came to center, cleaned it and was sipping coffee in the sitout. The college near the center was unusually crowded that day. And as a rare sight, I saw the students tuck in, and arrange their hair before they entered the college. I was said that, there was some campus interview going on.

It was by 9.30 when the two visitors came to the center.

“Is it open?”

“Of Course it is”

“This is kind of urgent, can you type our resume?”

“Sure, that is what we do here.”

I went and sat in the computer which was connected to the printer and was looking expectantly onto them. And they looked at me expectantly.

“Tell me”


“Yeah.  You have to give me details and then I will fill it up and take print out”

Then they both handed me a old Xerox receipt. I was clueless. The Sherlock in my mind came into play and turned the bill to see their address


S/O Oorkatan

And then address.

“What is this?”

“My details” said one of our visitors. I was still clueless and asked them to bring one of their friends’ resume to know what they actually want. One of them went down. It seemed the DTP center below was taking the jobs of filling the resumes. Only because it was overcrowded, I got these two.  The resume format was so simple. By the mean time my friend Bala came in. Since I was managing the browsing center, he thought he would get some free browsing time.

I asked him to go down and ask the cost of printing resume downstairs. At the same time the person who went down came back with the sample format. It was simple as this. It had only Name, Father’s Name, Address, Educational Qualification, Date of birth and a declaration of above things were true. I once had a look at my brother’s resume, it was two pages long and with different formatting stuff and all. I was scared that with my limited MS office skills, I had to do such things. This format made me breathe easy.

Bala who went down, came with the information about the amount the DTP center charged as well as four more people. I asked him to sit in one computer and start typing. Since he was higher in typewriting, he was able to complete things faster. Poor me, I was searching for letters in keyboard. And I didn’t even have a clue that we need to give tabs and not spaces to move the cursor to the middle and then type. But also, I was able to complete 2 resumes in 30 minutes. Bala completed four by then.

Since I was aware of what our competitors were charging, I dropped the price by one rupee. The guys were happy and soon our center was filled with students with Xerox receipts. Bala was not able to move a bit. At the same time, our owner came to see, how it was going for me. He was pleasantly surprised and then I was told that he hasn’t seen such rush in browsing center for years. There was no place for him to sit in his own center but he asked me to come out for a second.

“I got a call from AE of BSNL today. There is something new called DIAS connection. People say it is fast. I asked them to install. People will be coming in afternoon to install it. Take care of that” He said.

Before moving away he asked “Do you like to work here for me?”

Before I was able to answer there were three more people stepping in for resume typing and I had to get back to my system. The owner didn’t press for an answer too. He went into a neighboring shop to have a chat and a cup of coffee.

“When did you start doing these things?” One of the customers asked me.

“Why? We have advertised that we do such things know. Ever since we started it we are doing”

“No, the other person with spectacles on will not do typewriting jobs and all”

I knew Mani was a lazy guy, but I didn’t think he would have spoilt the revenue of the browsing center. I thought of letting it go. But the neighboring shop owner voiced the same to our owner and he was so furious when he got to know about it.

The resume typing was over by twelve. And Bala and I were able to stretch our legs and arms when our Owner walked in.

“Prasanna! I was giving Mani 60 rs per day. I would like to offer you 75 rs per day with Sunday off. Are you willing to take it?”

“I don’t know what to say. I came here through Suresh Ramji anna. If I am snatching his cousin’s position, I don’t know how he will react”

“Suresh is like a son to me. I will let him know. So I will take that as an yes” he said and started walking to the door.

“You were saying about some DIAS connection” I interrupted.

“Yeah, we can be connected to Internet full time and we will be charged only by the usage and not by minutes. You can just connect it once you come to center in the morning and the link will be stable” He said and walked away.

When he went Bala was jumping because now he know that I am working there and he can come and browse anytime he wants, regardless if there is already customers working or not. I was jumping higher than him, because I can stay online for the whole time and catch the Erode girl.

Rest in Next.

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