Book Review – Circle of Three

Its been a long time since I read an Indian fiction novel. The last one I read was I am not twenty four by Sachin Garg which I liked. So when another opportunity came by to read Circle of Three, I took it happily. I got this book by Saturday afternoon and I had finished this book by four hours flat. The plot is intriguing and well presented by Rohit Gore.  I loved the way he familiarized the reader with all the lead characters and sub-characters.

Now about the book:

Its more like coming of age book as I thought when I read the preview. But the surprise factor is not only the thirteen year old boy Aryan but also the other two lead characters Ria and Rana Sahab. Its heartening to see that Rohit had chose to display the inner most feeling whcih every individual goes through, no matter what their age is, when they are met with difficult situation. Ria, is new to the pain which she is experiencing and her life is thrown out of balance. Rana Sahab had his share of good days and pain, with which he started to live with but does not like it a bit. Aryan, I would say luckiest of the lot because he never knew what good times actually are.

If you are a parent of a child who is entering into his teen age, this book will help you understand what their life and how they view things. May be you will pick up some good things from the book to get close to them. If you are son or daughter having a nagging parent, you may understand that there is a reason behind the old people for the way they are and some good conversations (not talking) may soothe them and bring them close to you. If you are in position of Ria, which I don’t want to reveal here, you may learn to forgive and move on.

In my opinion, the character of Rana was sketched more clearly than all three. His love affair with Nina and the days in London as he is reminiscing it for his script are perfect. Halfway through the novel, the reader would be able to see through the eyes of Rana about the lives of other two lead characters. But I wish Rohit wrote a little more about Ria and Raj and their days together. Because of lack of that part, the impact the series of events should create was not quite there. And as people would say, even if you are a woman you cannot just stand in another woman’s stilettos. But Rohit did a good job about how she reacts to the situation including Rana, Aryan and Vinnie.

The climax was good, It would have been disappointed if novel had the same usual ending. Rohit, I believe was fully aware that the reader wont be satisfied with something like that after the great story he had told all along.

The book has many interesting moments and some great build ups. But all in all there are no loose ends. If your city has its monsoon like Chennai experiencing right now and if you want to settled down with a coffee beside window and read a book, The circle of three wouldn’t disappoint you.

The book is published by Grapevine India, which a publishing house started by Sachin Garg himself. Apart writing some wonderful stories, this is a great initiative and platform he is giving to young Indian authors and who knows may be we can get some best authors by his support. Here is wishing to Sachin and Rohit for great success with their future ventures as well.

I would rate Circle of Three 3.5/5.

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