Gen-Y and their way of having fun

We have planned for our annual trip in office. We usually go somewhere for three days as a company tour. This year we have planned to go to munnar. Though there are lot of reasons to be excited about the trip, somehow i feel very uneasy to get along with the group. Thats because their definition of having fun and my definition of winding up is entirely different.

However serene may be the place or however it is crowded, the only way most of young guys booze to have fun. You could have noticed wherever you go you would have found a group of guys dancing topless with their car sterio blaring. You could have also seen some beer bottles strewn along the way. That is having fun they say. I mean they take their car, fill it with fuel to go to some place and drink. How different it is from dancing in a pub?

We are beginning to be a generation heavily influenced by cinema. Every person has a story with them as lead in their mind. And that imagination is the input from cinema which as we all know illogical. They dont bother about how throwing the bottle away woukd affect ecosystem or worse what if a broken piece get into the legs of one of the wildlife. Writer jeyamohan has explained it in his short story “The elephant doctor”.

I am afraid that the generation we live in consistently churns out graduates who knew to clear their papers then and now work on somebody’s orders. If you happen to bump with some of the above said people you can clearly know they dont have anything to talk about cinema and political gossips. When you go beyond that its the end of the conversation. I dont know whatever had happened with arts and books for these people. “I cannot sit and read a book man” has become a fashion statement. In the world of twitter and facebook updates anything more than two paragraphs become boring.

I am very sure the gang i am going to munnar is just going drink, eat and sleep. They dont care about what nature has to offer them or the new feel it may give to them. All they are worried about is the rooms and side dish. Almost all of our female employees dropped out of the tour because of past experience. And I am sure if this is the routine I might drop out as well.

The continuous night shift and other commitments have made me travel hungry. For a person who doesnt sit at home for a weekend four months is a long stretch and i yearn to go visit some places. But group like this takes away the whole point of travelling. To them people who indulge in petty gossips and cine chit chat is normal person. Any others who may have other interests become abnormal person.

I am not advocating against having fun but there should be some.responsibility towards the waste management and eco friendliness. I wonder how would they feel when a bunch of people come into their home and break beer bottles and dont care about it.

A good travel to a nice location with like minded friends, debates at the tea time with some hot snacks, some nice bonding and learning new things from other people is all i dream of when i pack my bags. It rarely happens.

Tell me is boozing the only way to have fun? How many times when you talk to the Gen y guys have your conversations went beyond cinema and tv?


  1. ganeshputtu

    Prassana check your calender for next month and tell me which weekend you are free….and lets plan a weekend getaway together…you have so perfectly encapsulated my thoughts on a trip that i feel you will be the perfect travel companion to hit the wilderness trail….great post dude-loved this one.

    1. --- :) ----

      Yes Aswini… I’ve been there.. But you know being ordinary is not easy. Now a days trying to be extra ordinary has become the new ordinary 😉

  2. Gayathree Ganesan

    I appreciate and admire your sensitivity towards the eco-system and the wild animals, Bragadeesh. It is rare to see a like minded person such as you. Your post is absolutely thought provoking and you are very true. The media influences people like crazy and it is absolutely idiotic of us to give the power in the media’s hands. I salute actor Rajnikanth for one beautiful thing, he quit smoking and hence his many fans got influenced and as a result they did to.

    1. --- :) ----

      What to say about the pathetic state more than this? To do a good thing they need the direction of an actor. Havent their mother or wife said that before? Thats what I was talking about. However, when we only read and dont think, this is bound to happen.

  3. viddev

    //They dont bother about how throwing the bottle away woukd affect ecosystem or worse what if a broken piece get into the legs of one of the wildlife.
    – true… very similar to throwing away the stub right in the middle of the road, right… im sorry 🙁
    i completely agree that ppl these days dont have much to talk about but movies and tv… you end up thinking whats the point in the conversation!!

    1. --- :) ----

      We have already spoiled the city. Consider the smoke, dust and emission. One stub is not gonna make any difference.True about conversations. 🙁

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