Being Creative????

I’ve always wondered what it is to be creative. Though I have written something which I call as short stories I cannot bring myself to call me as a creative person. That’s one pitfall when you have hyper creative (?!) people around you. Most of my friends be in real life or virtual world, do something creative that will amaze me in most unexpected ways. As a photo hobbyist, I follow lot of photographers and I do not know how their mind works over time in short time frame to bring such beautiful photographs.

So what is creativity? It is hard to define because every process to measure the creative quotient has been unsuccessful till date. Toiling in the corporate world for last four years, I have been taught never to believe anything that cannot be measured or traced to its source. But the same companies while they do man hunting will put the word creative as a prerequisite in their advertisements. Ironical isn’t it?

I have talked with managers and asked them of how they determine a person to be creative or not. They come up with different theories like, the way he do things is different from others, he covers all aspects of the stake holders and present it beautifully. But till now I haven’t come across a theory that would satisfy me.

Then I came across this divergence test in the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. The test will have questions and will have multiple answers. What he counts as creativity is coming up with number of unique possibilities of answering same question. The troll images in facebook teasing Justin Bieber may hold best example as per this theory.  Just let me know in comment box if you agree to disagree.

Another study says that creativity is fast declining in United States, because of increased time spent on television and video game or lacking to nurture creativity in schools. Then I may say, in 20 years you cannot see any creative work done in India too. Because, when a child is born, only for three or four months it is fully taken care of. From the fifth month, as far as I know all the feeding and sleeping activities are done in front of TV set. Then at four years, kids are exposed to cartoons, which are much violent these days. I can see you nodding your head there, but we as kids enjoyed jerry beating up Tom cat too. The movies portray much less violence. You don’t need to get me started at education system, any different attempts, I am not saying creative, but any different attempts are punishable.

Indian parents feel happy if their son sings like Sonu Nigam, Daughter dance like Madhuri dixit or play cricket like Sachin Tendulkar. So who will let them know that there is something called being them?

The reason for this topic is I ceased to be creative, if I was creative before. It happens suddenly and there is no getting out of it. Loads of posts go unpublished, hundreds of photos go unprocessed and the short film remains a script before I can bring myself to make it real. And then I realized to be creative is to be in love with life. Only when we love our life enough we will do something more to enhance its beauty and add a bit more music to it.

When there is nothing happening, you cannot be any creative. But then, why people who have failed in love with their life or with someone created so many beautiful things? Like Guru Dutt and all. Probably they live in a world where everything is perfect and they are making it more beautiful.

And then again a question crops up in me, if people who love life are creative and then people who have lost their love and in their imaginary world are creative, doesn’t that mean almost everybody is creative in the world?

This is the problem, whenever I try to be creative I become confused.



  1. Sinduja

    Good post… but Tv can never stop some1 from being creative… Not al d crowd is gonna be satisfied wid d same kinda violence… dey ask for creativity in d violence… so d pple in d team producin al dis wil have 2b creative…

    Also… creativity, acc to me can also be defined as how unique a person wants to think or see or observe things… readin dis post as a blog entry… or as a chance to think abt d topic or as a reflection to wot’s on ur mind now… or wt not is only upto d creativeness of d reader….

    When a lota pple dare not to try things… d courage to do wt d heart desires is also the result of creativity!

    Keep writin!

  2. viddev

    lovely post… Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – if you can lend it to me, i shal reply to ur qn 😛
    being creative is not something that can be deliberately known / practised by someone… they just are. JMO – Vid 🙂

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