Night shift and life

Night shifts may not be fun for lot of people. But for me it sure is. I am not generalizing. As i already said most of my friends are getting engaged or married. This list includes colleagues too. So it is a common trend we see that lot of people opting out of night shift.

Being an insomniac it really doesnt matter in which shift i work. I am going to sit in front of a computer anyhow. Doesnt matter if it is office or home. My day starts by five thirty evening every day. You can calculate the breakfast lunch timings by yourself now. When i started to work in night shift six years back it was new to me and gave some troubles to my tummy. But now switching doesnt affect me at all. Thinking of it i remember a phrase my sister and i used to tell together

whatever that doesnt kill u just makes you stronger.

But it also made my hair thinner:-)

Working in night shft we enjoy lot of things which i would say the general working guys are missing. We often get to see moon at its full glory. While grabbing a quick cigarette we will some time count stars too.. Once we were in night shift just because of a training from onsite. For some reason they had to cancel their afternoon session. We drove through the empty chennai roads, had hot biriyani near the new secretariat, had kulfi ice as dessert and a quite walk in beach. And then we returned to office spend time in table tennis. Even if the training was cancelled in general shift we would not have enjoyed this much for sure.

The morning tea with hot hot vadas, watching almost the sunrise with a cup of coffee in hands daily, we enjoy everything. We dont have to fight for a place in bus or metro. We dont have to concentrate on clutches of vehicle while ignoring beautiful moon above us.

But there is one small problem with this shift. While gazing at the moon if i accidentally happen to remember her face then the rest of the night’s work will go for a toss. When asked my friends they shared similar things. Night is brutal. It just brings out the raw emotion as it is. There will be no make up or decency for the emotions in night.. If you are bold enough to accept that true emotions and walk then you too can enjoy night shift.


  1. Sinduja

    🙂 I read d quote 1st n i was like…. OH NO R FAMS DIALOG! Den I read it to see u mentioned me 😛 ha ha … Hey but u forgot to mention how beautifully ur sleep gets affected… esp durin d power cuts! Keep writin prasanna! 🙂

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