What a beautiful world!

Auschwitz – Germany : 1944.

It was a cold winter morning, the prisoners of Auschwitz II camps were assembled for their roll call. The prisoners who were selected to be in the right side of the crowd, when the left side of the crowd were gassed immediately. They people standing in the roll call didnt know whether it was a blessing or curse. They were given ill fitting wooden shoes which didnt fit them. It caused a lot of pain through the breakless 12-hours shift. A security personnel was deployed to note how many minutes these prisoners spend in the restroom.

Aaron looked at the high walls that guarded the camp. He knew the train with today’s passengers will arrive in few minutes. After the selection romp a lot of them will be gassed. He was scared of hearing those screams coming from the gas chambers. The people were said to take bath but were gassed with cyanide. Most of them will be kids and women. The day before they ran two motorbikes in full throttle till the screams subsided in the chamber.

It was awfully cold that particular day. He heard that some of the fellow prisoners who had managed to escape Auschwitz were planning a mutiny. His legs were giving up. They were made to wait till they found one missing person in the evening roll call. He apparently died because of less food and more work. It took them 4 hours to find the corpse. The others didnt feel a thing for the dead man. They were already worried about the 6 hours sleep which is not going to be enough for them.

It was then Aaron heard the blast. Someone had blasted the Crematorium IV. Suddenly all the SS commandos were attacked by set of prisoners standing behind him with bricks, axes etc. The overweight commandos were not able to match the fury of the prisoners. Aaron was not aware such thing was going to happen. The mutiny resisted till 3 in the evening and he was hiding in the camp hospital. After half an hour the SS commandos who took back the command in camp, burnt down the hospital including Aaron who was happily sleeping in one of the bed.

Mullivaikal – Sri lanka – 2009

He didnt know what to do. Sekaran was at the end of his wits. He knew the army is reaching faster. If he crosses the pond there it is. He can be with the militant groups. The army is in the other side of the bank and they will surely try to shoot him. But they will not kill him he believed. Last week his cousin called from England saying that he is safe and will arrange for his journey. He had vivid dreams of visiting Birmingham palace, the tube trains when he was actually lying in a bunk with a dead child.

He and his friend reached the pond when the shooting began. He thought he was in cover but his friend was faster than him. Sekaran was just in the range of the army sniper when a bullet pierced his scalp. The last thing that faded away before he closed his eyes was he walking with the shopping bag over the Westminster bridge.


Yalda was in a hurry to carry all her belongings to leave the town. The troops of the government had asked for the surrender of the town and whoever remains in the town for more than half day will considered as terrorists and will be wiped out. She had to carry her three kids. Her husband had joined with the Islamic brotherhood which killed almost all the government officials in the town. She didnt want her children to die. The last one was just three months old.

She knew it was not an easy task to get out of the city as the extremists had blocked all the way to get out of the town. “Lets face it together” they said. Apparently no women in the town was heard and their cries dissolved in their kitchen. She could see the tanks approaching the town. Most of the people who left the city were killed. She heard the knock at the door. She knew it was one of the militants. They were going around all the houses to get ration of bread and water for the militant troops. What she had was not even enough for her kids. She had not eaten for more than three days now.

She begged, bit the soldier who came into her house. Five minutes later, the soldier went out of the house taking all the bread she had. Yalda and her three children were shot at head.

New Delhi – April -2011

“How the hell can he say like that?” Reshma was shouting at her helpless husband Rohit.

“Baby! We can drop the matter here and move on. We have only three days left in the vacation. We cant afford him to spoil our day”

“But what’s wrong in taking a photograph of the metro station. You saw how he talked to me. He was curt”

“He was polite”

“Sometimes, I think I should’ve born in some other country than India”

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