The green bag

When the school re-opens on June after the summer holidays, it’s always a mixed feeling for Anirudh. He is a class 8 student. He likes the idea of getting back to the school, mingling with new friends, shopping and everything. But still, he was embarrassed by his dad’s selection about things that he is going to use that year.

“Ani, See this leather shoes, it will come for next two years”  dad was saying. Who wants shoe for two years dad. Its same old model which I am wearing from class 2. Get me those canvas.

And while coming to selection of school bags, every year its cry time for Anirudh.

“Dad! Dont get me this bags given free for this daily magazines. All my friends are irritating me.”

“Anirudh! There is nothing wrong with this bag. See there is more space. You can carry a lot of your books and yet don’t feel the weight of it” Dad used to console Anirudh every year. But he is the one who is going to face all the humiliations from his so-called friends.

They all have different bags, which comes in different shapes, colors and with varied functions. The bags were different, It had various compartments to keep different things. They had clocks in it. Some people brought bags which would be enough to take their whole body inside. Sarah was one such girl. She was born with silver spoon.

She sits in the front bench and Anirudh sits behind her. She usually plays with him. But something happened last february and then she took a long leave. She was beautiful when she came back, but she stopped talking with boys. She will bring awesome bags and pencil boxes. Everything will be unique. If she finds anybody using bag or pencil box same as others she will change them immediately.

She had a nice green bag. It was huge. She used to put it in her shoulders and also ties it around her waist. She comes to school in van. The bag will be in front of the van mirror, while she sits in front seat. Anirudh will gasp every time when she effortlessly toss her bag into the van. How does she know the worth of such bags. It takes years of Newspaper bags like me to appreciate what you have Sarah!

Anirudh’s friends occasionally tease him with Sara, as he will be walking behind her noticing only her bag. He will never mind, somehow he was so attracted to her bag.

One day, the school was over soon, but he was asked to stay back to carry the assignment notebooks. It’s a curse for students who live near teacher’s house. That too when the teachers are ugly. He saw the van in which Sara would go to home. The green bag was placed in front of the front seat, but the van’s door was closed. Sara is always careless Anirudh thought She forgot her school bag in van. A smile escaped his lips imagining  Sara getting beatings from Maths teacher for not doing homework.

And suddenly he thought, I have not seen inside her bag. All these days, I’ve been watching it from all the possible angles but not inside. This is a nice chance. He went up and tried to open the door of the van. Before he opened the door, the door opened itself, with Sara coming down full of sweat. Anirudh was afraid whether she would accuse him of stealing something from her bag. When he looked beyond her he saw the driver hiding something and going to back seat.

Instead of getting angry, Sara started cajoling Anirudh “Boy! Please don’t tell to anyone, I will bring chocolates for you everyday. I will even do homework for you. Please don’t tell anyone.”

Anirudh didn’t talk a word to her. He started walking towards his teacher’s house with assignment notes in hand. For some reason, the green bag never interested him again.


  1. Susan Deborah

    Bragadeesh, you have written about a sensitive topic quite dexterously. Well done. How many young girls are being subjected to atrocious things like this.

    You should get this published after some editing.

    Joy always,

    1. --- :) ----

      Yeah Bhavia! I have seen so much of such things. Van drivers and lab assistants are the culprits in most of the instances. 🙁

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