I demand “help”

Few days back, I wrote this post regarding the technological advances we are seeing right in front of our eyes. This post slightly comes close to the topic but only I am going demand for something I am looking forward. May be some blokes out there are already working on what I am imagining right now.

I just want a teleport to move around the city. Seriously I am pissed off of travelling one hour to office and more. A teleportation device that is smart enough to make me disappear in my place and appear in the place I want to go considering the surroundings in both places (Sure I don’t want to disappear if a pretty girl is walking past me or to appear before a running train).

And yeah I also want this fake eye balls roller. I want it to be designed as a real eye and should be able to move side ways now and then (Not in a particular way all the time). I guess this would come in handy while attending the meetings in which we discuss about plucking the nail in notice board.

And I should say, I am in love with Google. It helps me to search everything under the sun. I want something like Home Google to help me find things which I misplaced in my home. Right from the bike keys to prescription. And now, don’t ask me to feed the data about where I keep those things. If I know that I don’t need the technology dear ๐Ÿ™‚

To download my intelligence (ahem! ahem!) Ok let us put it this way, my way of thinking to a computer so that I can live forever (of course you must charge those batteries). So that if someone try to open My documents, they will be directly guided through what I want them to see ๐Ÿ™‚ (Can be restricted by User and Admin access. Uff! I became ย techy)

A device to understand human emotions through some scanner and make it clear to me. By this way I think I can avoid so many problems. Like if there was a device like that I wouldn’t tell my crying sister to stop throwing tantrums.

And finally I want a device (may be a tool) to vote my post in Indivine whenever mouse pointer hovers over my entry in the listing. But still I am quite skeptical about the votes. (Thats why I didn’t say some one visit my blog :))

Whats you technical wishlist? Share and at least we can dwell in imagination for a while ๐Ÿ™‚


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