How to read books?

I recently came across a link where a famous writer in tamil organizing a workshop on how to read books. I was fascinating to see. Thankfully people with me reads a lot of books and I get a lot of recommendations everyday. But still I had one big question. How will you teach someone the fascination of the books?

I just wanted to think of me. I started reading in a very small age. I started reading whatever I came across.  And obviously after few days my interest in books faded away and other things became priorities.  Few years back I  accidentally stumbled across “Ponniyin Selvan“. I would say that is the incident that made me started reading again. It was an old hardbound book. The episodes were carefully torn from the weekly magazine and hardbound. It was funny and fascinating to see old age advertisements too.

I finished reading it at one sitting. But alas, we had only 3 parts of the 5 parts book.  Then the quest for books started where we raided the book stores for the remaining 2 parts and also for the similar stories. I got introduced to Sandilyan and Kovi. Manisekaran this way. Sujatha was all time favorite though.

Then one day, on a casual chat my sister suggested me reading English books. (Indirect way of saying my english is bad). So I started reading Da Vinci Code as suggested by my sis. I usually read in front of my computer. Coz I was too lazy to find meaning in a dictionary. I would open a word document, type the word and then find synonym for it. This is how I finished Da Vinci Code.

Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon and Erich Segal are few guys I should be thankful for they crafted interesting stories in easy English. Then entered Paulo Coehlo in my life. I finished all his books and I can say I was the first one to grab the copy of “The witch of Portobello” from Odyssey.

My friends usually ask what I find so fascinating in books. I don’t know how to answer them. But when I talk to a person who is interested in books about Angels and Demons they smile knowingly. Because reading books showed me Italy and secret streets of Rome. It showed me the love that can be seen between a spoilt brat and bossy girl. I was able to feel the breeze of Pyreenes. At a point of time, I felt that I was being transformed from a small town guy to someone else. Sure books can change your personality.

I once had to sell my collections for some urgent need of cash. I lost few precious books that way. I was almost in tears when I gave away those books for money. The only good I can see through that is someone out there like me who can’t afford the fresh copy would be reading some nice books and would be transforming to someone better than they are now.

I usually read a book in a sitting and never read two books at same time. Whats your style guys? How do you like to read your books?


  1. soumya

    hey its nice blog… really reading books change personality tats true i’ve experienced it and they r our best friends for life time

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