What was your contribution?

Mera Bharath Mahan! Huh! Who can say so? I wish commonwealth games are conducted in Chennai. I can rent my house for 2 crores per month. Oh its a single bedroom home with common toilet. I am sure Kalmadi would accept my offer. And see the corruption yaar, that is running like a cancer over the lengths and breadths of the administration we have. Do you think our kids will ever get quality education? Na! I don’t think so and think of the inflation. Come on yaar, give me a break. Lets go to Tada this weekend and booze.

This is what happens in Chennai. You either go to Pondicherry or Tada to booze, puke and come back. The person who was ranting above could have just thought what was his contribution to the society before he started complaining. Or does he complain because he hasn’t contributed anything. He had contributed something. He elected these people who are renting the umbrella’s for more than 6000 rs for games. He offered 50 rs to the policeman when he jumped off the signal. He threw stones on his teacher who never came back to teach in the government school he studied.

India, cannot be made by itself, It is the people who make or break the name of a nation. I think, I can quote an example for this.

Being a trekking enthusiast, I have trekked quite a few mountains and forest ranges in Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is a soothing feeling when you climb up the boulders, when you get clear water and pollution free air and where you can just be yourself. Tada was our second home. But few years back, this place increasingly became the adobe of people who want to just booze away. This is what is happening in a forest

The crystal clear pools were filled with broken beer bottles and other tobacco products. This place became inaccessible for the enthusiasts, as the drunkards started harassing innocent trekkers and stole valuables from the cars.

We from Chennai Trekking Club wanted to stop it. Once and for all. And it was not done by any minister, official or top shot industrialist. But by the common people like you and me.

The Chennai Trekking Club, A club run by trekking enthusiasts sent out an invitation to clean up Tada. We had to talk with various Β forest officials and the locals to carry out the mission. Relentless in the efforts, we split into teams and took responsibility and a whooping number of nature enthusiasts registered for the clean up. And we marched to Tada on November 1, 2009.

We cleaned up all the bottles, and other trashes that were hindering the flow of the stream, put up the billboards and environmental awareness banners all over the forest (Of course with eco-friendly materials). We gathered around 2 tonnes of garbage in 2009.

And again, when we trekked this year to Tada, we saw that nothing much changed and that called for the next mission Save Tada 2. This time with 250 participants and 40 of them being school children gave their hand for help and again we collected around 3 tonnes of garbage out of the peaceful forest.

I am saying this because, there were choices for the 300 odd people to sit back at home and enjoy their weekend. But they wanted to make a change. And I see people in beach every saturday who come up with a friendly smile and educate me about the hazards of plastic and politely collecting away the water bottle I had. Later I was shocked to know the person who came and talked with me was IT director of a leading software firm.

As long as we have people like this, who stand up to make a difference. “Hamara Bharat Mahan Rahega”. And By the way! What was your contribution??

This post makes its entry to Blog Adda contest “Mera Bharat Mahan” with the association of Pringoo.

Pictures Courtesy : Mr. Karthick R. Yadav


  1. suranga

    You were “being the change you want to be”. A great man said this more than 50 -60 years ago. Lets hope more and more folks follow your example. Bravo !

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