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I hate long queues. Especially in front of an ATM. Man it kills. After a hectic day of work, I don’t want to stand in front of an ATM as 12th person. I don’t know why people are so tensed and smileless in front of ATM. May be they don’t trust the person in front of him and at his back. Oops, they may think me as a thief too.

Few days back, such waiting were not as tedious as it is now. Whether to an ATM or a Pharmacy I was always accompanied by friends. We joked, we laughed, pulled pranks all in serious places and went unharmed. Life without friends are not really amusing.

If I had Anish now with me then the scenario would have been different, he would have found a place, squeezed in between that young girl and the old lady and have got the money within 5 minutes. Should I say God was so kind to me that I had a friend like that or should I say God was not so kind to me and left me untrained for those tricks?

The person inside the ATM had done a mistake. He didn’t know to operate the machine. Old man. *Sigh* sometimes we don’t feel anything for those guys who look like sheep caught in headlights not knowing what to do next. And someone stepped in to help. Alas, this guy had chosen the language as tamil and the guy who volunteered to help was a mallu.

Numerous times, I have waited for Arun to come back till he finishes helping somebody. I have always admired him. No matter what help, to lift a heavy weight or to say the nearest bus stop. He stops, finishes the work and comes back smiling. I always knew I can’t smile like him. His happiness was genuine. He left me at foot path one day to help an old lady find her son in bus stand. I smoked six cigarettes till he came back.

I am in the third place now. No not in any competition but in the queue. The guy who was inside the room had typed his pin number wrongly. I mean so many times. His card got locked and he didn’t have a clue what to do next. I wont worry if I was in his place. I have a great sister cum friend Sinduja, to answer all the stupid questions the customer care guy asks and have enough patience to punch the numbers in keypad to get things straight for me.

Ah! sorry for the break, I just came out drawing out money. I want to recharge. One must not have irresponsible friends you know. They know that I am in a different city and still they called me yesterday to wish me friendship day and talked endlessly in conference. I gotta recharge my number. Cant wait to catch up with those guys again. Till then have fun, C ya.

Hey wait! Dont close. Happy friendship day to you too.. Keep smiling. And this mind talks and ramblings make its way to Blog adda’s contest sponsored by Pringoo. If ma guys know I am putting it there, there is going to be a big debate on whether I would win or not and then what to choose as price.

Friends you know *Sigh*


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