Emotional Atyachaar!

No wonder I liked Dev D. I have a habit of vividly remembering the dates of something important happened in my life. Sometimes its bliss sometimes it’s not. So here it goes.


It was August 5, 2006 midnight 2.00. I was clearing up the mismatch claims at night shift, when I had two of my best buddies in office pulling legs of mine. Suddenly among all the other things, love cropped up.

“Prasanna! You must have a girlfriend am I right?” Saravana asked.

“NO! Why?”

“You know what, this guy is a total loser. He can’t get marks with girls. Thats why he pretend to hate relationships and girls” Ganesh joined Saravana.

“I have a nice sister. Ok. That cuts I don’t like girls. I am too young for relationships. You guys are almost 3 years elder than me” I said.

“See, say you can’t flirt with girls. We will accept and walk away.”

“Dude that’s so easy”

“Here is a bet, There are three girls Rita, Seema, and Amutha who looks good in our office. Try to take one of these girls out on date. And we will accept”. they tried to pull me into shit and they did it successfully.

This is how I started to date Seema. She was a nice, bubbly, innocent village girl. I started to give small compliments on her looks, bindi things and things  and she started noticing me too. And at the end of the week, I took her to a movie and dinner too. What I wanted is to win the bet and not the date.

But she was so much into love. She wrote a letter for me every day. I had no other option but to accept it, I never wrote any letter to her. I didn’t know she will take it that so seriously. I didn’t propose her then. But she felt so strongly that I am falling head over heals for her. And as any human would do, I returned the nice gestures of her to me.

And it was September 15, I met Purnima. Things totally went out of control and I could see the virtual sparks fly between us when we were talking. I knew she liked me. She knew I liked her and I proposed her on October 2nd. Things were never the same. Seema didn’t like me spending time with Purnima. I wanted to be with me all the time and I was running from corner to corner of the town trying to meet each other. And in the middle of that Ganesh and Saravana got nicely from me for pulling me into this shit.

I decided to move to Chennai. At least I will be in a distance. I will get a breathing space to know what I am doing and what I should do. I reached Chennai and the morning Seema called me.

“Pras! This is 100th day from the day from which you took me out”

I was like “God!!” and said “Seema, I enjoyed your company so much. You were such a nice friend and had done so much of things for me. I don’t think I will come back there. So keep in touch”

I could hear her heart-break in the phone. But I did not intend to hurt her. She is a village girl and she was always scared walking in the small town of Tirunelveli. I was sorry for her. I was not able to forgive myself.

Puurnima was in Chennai for her training in a software company. And one day, at 9.00 pm, I got a call from Tirunelveli. Saravana was on-line.

“Pras! Problem. Seema came to know about Purnima. and she knows she is in Chennai”

“Thank God! Now tell her everything and end it all for my sake.”

“Stupid, Do you think, I wouldn’t have tried that? Seema took the evening bus and she is coming to Chennai”

I didn’t have any clue. She doesn’t know Chennai. Hell I don’t know Chennai first of all. What is she gonna do by coming here. I was there at the bus stand. She said that she will work and she wanted to be with me. I made it clear to her that I wasnt in love with her. But she sternly believed that Puurnima changed me.

On the subsequent days, I got calls from her at middle of nights. She would be crying. And Puurnima received numerous calls from her and her friends asking her to leave me. I took it all, as I thought it was fault on my part too. But poor Puurnima. She was not able to cope up with that.

Thankfully, her father found her a nice guy. A real nice guy from her village who was working in Chennai. She asked me to meet her for one last time. I still remember every detail of the meeting and it is haunting me now and then. She said all the hardships she put up to make the relationship work went in vain. I still tried to explain her it wasnt entirely my fault.

I now totally understand her, but I was too  young for a marriage then, even now. And I chose a wrong girl. I would not be able to forgive myself ever.


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