Dar lagta hai!

As usual, the trip to pondy was refreshing. Two days in the half french town and it was an awesome trip. My camera was put into good use and I am glad with the output that I have got. πŸ™‚ Will share the pics soon.

The raid at the DVD store was fruitful. Good to know people from different countries share good interest, making recommendations about movies they saw. I was joined by a french guy and a college girl and we were discussing movies like anything. Took few suggestions from them and those movies were good. And I was the lucky one to grab a copy of memento among the three of us. :).

How I wish I had internet in my home :). Fell in love with Dil to bachcha hai ji from Ishqiya. It is my caller tune now. We (I) talk about Alpacino, Robert De Nero and other greats. But it was super watching Naseeruddin Shaw in Ishqiya. Who could have done this role better than him? Hope you will enjoy this.

I recently came to know the negativity you carry with you, affects you in hell a lot of ways. I have lost a great friend who was there with me in all my struggles just because of the negativity I had and spreading. It was disheartening but negativity just makes things worse isnt it? Lot of people told me this before, but I preferred getting burnt trying to feel how hot it is :).

I dont have any intention to go back to the person, and say all my negativity is gone and I am ultra positive these days, coz thats not true. I believe everybody carries negativity and postive vibrations all the time. At times, it shows to people. I just thought the person would accept me as what I am. But poor kiddo, how long can she bear me?

Now, I have no regrets, what ever that had been done is done and damaged already. I look forward making more friends, new people in life like my Kawasaki Boxer. It has got hit in all possible directions and ways, still there are few marks and rashes that didnt go away with time. But still, it is zooming with confidence and assures me All iz Well πŸ™‚

P.S. Cant wait to see Chris Nolan’s Inception. OST Rocks Zimmer isΒ a genius, aint he?

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