I Just cannot understand!

Ok this is going to be rambling. I have warned you before, so dont blame me. There is something for us on salary days. We work till 9.00 pm and in all the salary days, we guys would go and have fun in bar (Read: Tasmac). The usual attendees would be yours truly, Anish (ma best friend), Karthick (ma best friend and team mate) and few others vary on monthly basis depending upon our mood.

We have it once in a month and we have it big. So I wont drive after getting drunk. Usually Anish drives me home. We will be in supercharged mode when we are in such trips and we were singing aloud “Jai Jai Shivshankar”. Anish was singing with his mouth full of gutka. Suddenly he stopped singing, and got serious. I thought he was just upset over something.

And in few minutes, I saw him play roadrash. I mean he kicked someone who was riding beside us. Did I say that we were travelling at 90 kmph? I was shell shocked when he stopped his vehicle to reach  that guy?

“Anish! Are you OK? Now let me drive” I said in dazed voice.

“I am very much OK now come on give this bastard some of your fist feasts” he said. Then I saw a person who may be just over the age of 19. He was looking at us bewildered. For my surprise, he was not swearing us. First thing after you hit a person in chennai you get a O-T-H-A word, from the person who got hit or someone in the crowd.

“What happened da?” I asked.

Anish pointed out a girl to his left. There I saw a girl in her activa. I took the glass out of my pockets and made sure. She was actually crying. Why in this world girls stop their vehicle in the pavement and cry.

“Machi! Family problem ah?” I asked.

“This idiot groped her in the middle of the road when she is driving. Smart ass he is, thought he would speed away. I noticed it”

Now this is party time. Atleast we have to vent our anger on some random stuff right. We dropped some punches in his face and other areas after taking the key from his bike. As it turned to be he was 20 years of age.

We asked him to apologize to that girl, who was still crying there. We threatened that we would throw away the key of his new bike. Instead of asking sorry that guy broke down, giving us all details and proud facts about their ancestors and how it would be shameful for him to apologize to that girl. WTF??

Finally Anish dragged this guy, to the girl. And atlast this guy asked sorry looking at the exact opposite direction from the girl.

SLAP, came the reply. Kudos to you girl. She cried for some more seconds, thanked us and left the place. And now, two guilty guys for drunken drive, one smoking cigarette and one chewing ghutka stood there happily, doing something for the society. He doesnt have a sister. I have one.

There are times I feel blessed that I am a boy. And I will tell you girls out there, boys life is not so easy either. We too have to break that finger that creeps in our thighs during bus journeys. The nudges and pats in the back in discs. Its irritating. Think of girls. And we say Chennai is safe metro for girls. I cant even imagine about other metros then.

Have you ever seen the college girls, working women travel in train or bus? Do you think it is comfortable to hold thier books or bags that way they do? Bull shit, try for yourself once in this weather. They are in a constant fear. We are talking about animal safety, environment cleanliness and all bull shit and we give severe psychic torture to the people around us.

There are no discriminations. Only two kind of guys I can see. Guys who want to irritate girls and guys who dont want to irritate. They come in all age groups, all localities, all education levels and in all professions. Dont give me the shit saying, the dressing. We see girls and women who wear sari has to be extra cautious with the first set of guys. I mean, just give them some space. They want to enjoy their age as you want to too. Just treat them right. What big deal.

I know some people, just because they have born as male species, they think they can f*** all other women outside their family. Give me a break man, when you see some girl and have such thoughts in mind, it is double possible that your sister is facing the same situation two streets away.

And I think girls now a days are doing something about it. Pepper spray, divider in hand etc etc. But as far as these ugly jerks doesnt stop, there is no stop for the tension.

I just want to put this out. I know the post is not a good read. I just wanted to vent out. Lets treat girls nicely. Let them have some free air. I dont want my sister or my future sister in law or my daughter to live in constant fear and mental sickness of getting groped or violated. PLEASE!


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