Absent Mindedness

Forgot to say I am getting very much absent-minded now a days. I get angry when I am forgetting something (not fair I know) and I am known for my pricking words when I am angry.

On a very sunny day, I felt like taking a photograph of the clothes I have dried. As a proof that I did all those things. I took my camera, opened the lens cap and then suddenly after 5 minutes, I was all sweating and tensed. You know why? I didn’t know where I kept my camera. For few moments, my heart was in my mouth. I so love my camera. Almost in a verge of tears, I sat down. Something seated nicely in my lap. And to my happiness it was my camera. Silly me! It was hung to my neck all the time.

As I am the one who goes to office after all others, I used to carry a spare key. Adding to this, I have my bike keys. On the way to office, I stopped my bike for a small puff. When returning back something struck me that I have the feel of only one key in my pockets. I stopped the vehicle and start frantically for the other missing key than the house key. After five minutes and lot of sweating I found my bike key in the ignition 🙁

I always keep my mobile in silent. I don’t get many calls so I am not bothered whether it rings or not. When I didn’t get the laptop and nothing was interesting on TV, I was listening to FM. My mom asked my mobile to make some calls and then I realized that I have placed it somewhere. Was not able to call because, mom also misplaced her and she wanted me to give her a ring so that she would find out. I was so tensed, I ran to  the nearby PCO and dialled my number to see it vibrating in my trouser pocket. I was listening to my mobile FM after all.

Till now there is no serious damage, but it keeps me worrying. Shit!! Where is the keyboard now 🙁

P.S. Asking for the beer, after having one or extra omlete in fast food joint were not appreciated. Hard to be absent-minded you know.

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