What women want?? :)

Blog adda is running a competition in this name. I actually didn’t want to get into this as this is one of the most difficult question to answer. Even if I answer, by the time i publish this blog their needs and wants would have changed. If only I can know what they really want…. phew.. how easy this world would be?

Before I I’ve been into on and off relationships with few girls. Nothing serious though. I always wanted to please them. Succeeded quite a bit. And if we go into what they want, it would be very generic but still each girl or woman is different and have unique expectations.

I can just tell from what I know, as I am no pro in this. But what I want to give a women in the first place is respect. Being Mr. Nice Guy is very easy task. Just treat her as you would like to get treated. Not necessarily opening the door for her. Respect her ideas and ambitions in her life and support her. Dont ever laugh at her dreams. It hurts everybody.I can still remember the day when my mom said to my dad, she wants to be in front of camera atleast once. And my dad, helped that small town girl to appear in a series. And how proud my mom is today of her husband.

Surprises.. That’s a great thing to do, they like surprises even that is not a surprise anymore. Show up at the right time once when agreed to meet. The biggest surprise you can give her. Try and get the pics from her social networking sites, bribe her college friends and collect pictures and make a collage on a very ordinary day. It will make her day and yours too.. I once booked an entire row of tickets in theatre for I and her friends for their favourite movie.

Tell her what you have  in your mind. Not necessarily a poetry and be creative when you do this. I liked this girl A  when I was in school. She was a year senior than me. I never had courage to go up and talk to her. What i did was i went to this yellow coin box phone and dialled “143”. I asked her to redial it. I was ready to get slapped. But she liked it. But you know practical constraints. :). Pen down a long, multi paged love letter and mail her (Snail mail boss.. don’t e-mail). You don’t know the durability of that letter both physically and as a softcopy in their memory.

Be committed. Girls like their men to be committed. If she coughs when she is talking with you go grab a syrup from the drug store. She will appreciate it. Keep up your time. Dont let your eyes wander on her best friends. Treat her family well. A small appreciative words about her father now and then can create wonders in your relationship.

Purpose is very important. Be what you are and don’t try to be someone else. Women like people with the purpose. It can be anything, but having the goal and purpose is the main reason for your confidence and personality.

These are few things I can come up when thinking what really women want. But you know, giving a welcome after a hard day at work with a coffee, or a small gesture of remembering her best friend’s birthday would welcome too. After all, when you get into a relationship, you want her to be happy. It will be coarse for few days, but once you got her taste then it will be a cake walk.

My favourite Pringoo Poster...

Above everything, what woman want in this world is love. The kind of love their mother had given them.The kind of love you expect your wife to shower on your kids. The kind of love which doesn’t expect anything back. The kind of love which is unconditional. The kind of love which can make her cry with happiness. The kind of love that would make her fight the whole world for you.  The kind of love that earns jealousy with her friends. The kind of love which don’t wither away when you are 60. The kind of love that is undying.

You will have no idea how your life will be when you can give this to a woman. You wouldn’t wish to go to heaven as you are already living there.



  1. viddev

    you may not be right on everything u ve listed… but a girl will definitely appreciate that u took pains to write this post… 🙂 cute!
    – Vid 🙂

      1. viddev

        ahem ahem… correction – i did not mean any specific girl, i meant women in general will appreciate this… neways, good luck to u, so that i will get my share of Chocolates!!!!! 😉

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