Me and Moi Brother

Its my brother’s birthday tomorrow. I havent presented him anything all these days. I thought of buying him something. After so much of brainstorming and things i could not find a thing to buy for him. So I thought it would be better if I ask him.

He asked for books. Again there is this trouble. Once I was a ferocious reader. Will read even my laundry bills over and over again till I get a new book. Wait! That was supposedly funny. Now continue. Now a days, I stopped reading so I was not sure what to buy for him. So I took him to Odyssey Anna Nagar so that he would select himself.

He chose Sujatha’s book first. I was sitting in one of those comfortable chairs they have put in the first floor and looking down at the coffee day counter. My search for everything has come to an end. It’s not that I found the answer. But I am not interested in finding the answer. I was reading a letter from my ex few days back, which read like “ We went to Landmark for the first time and that was the time I noticed your attraction towards books. You were running from place to place looking for the books. Your taste was impeccable. But when you realized that I was left alone, you came back running and held my hand”

I mean, I was for that moment lost when I saw those books. But today there were so many books in front of me but I didn’t even care to take a look. They were promoting some books like “The art of choosing” and “Connecting the dots”. Other than that I didn’t notice anything.

When he came back he gave the book to me. May be he thought I would comment something about his selection. But I didn’t. He kinda understands me and was browsing the philosophy section. He was well aware that my budget for his book is over already.

“Prassy!!” an excited sound was the thing I heard next.

He was kinda jumping up and down with a book in his hand. I was vaguely interested. I walked up to him

“Brother you know, the budget is over. I didn’t bring my card either. Whats this??” I plucked the book from his hand. I was not able to read the heading of the book for a minute. It was weird.

“Pras! This was the book I was searching for more than three months. I got an e-book  but you will never let me sit in the lappy. I want this book.”

“No chance! We already got one!”

“Lets exchange!”

I gave him an Are-you-sure look. But he was so determined to get that book. So we returned the earlier one and got this one. The book name read “Thou said Zarathustra” by “Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche” I have never ever heard of the book or the author. But still my brother likes one.

In CCD, over a darjeeling tea (Which is ridiculously priced with the top ups we were not intimated), my brother talked a lot of Nietzsche, The book, the philosophies he had been reading over the months and how it was helping him. He even quoted some philosophers name. I was completely blank. I felt really bad after he left to home. I was not spending enough time with my brother. I kept myself aloof and he respects my privacy. But still, I am not sure whether I would connect with him well again.

I miss my brother! and my playfulness and affection to him. I wonder whether I would be able to become as friendly and loving brother once I was again. Time will say.


P.S. If you ever go to CCD, don’t by this Masala tea thingy, which is so hot for your tongue and stomach and dont accept that nibbles, they are not for free.. Btw, The Darjeeling Tea tasted heavenly.


    1. Bragadeesh

      Yeah!! Really cant fault him. He is enjoying his book.. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by deepthy.. Keep visiting

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