Thank You!

I request you to read this first before proceeding! Thanks.

The blogger is quite right in his own sense. Even I have read the magical effect of those two words, when uttered with a smile can make a day for someone else. But you know as people don’t always respect a person who are humble. They think we are submissive.

For example, consider this scenario. You are in a meeting explaining  the recent sales meeting happened with a prospect which you are following. In the middle of the scene your loud throated colleague would drop in and give some advice like “you shouldn’t have talked like that”. Being a polite person you are you will not talk when someone is talking, which will result in a half hour lecture of how to sip a coffee in front of a prospect and considerable damage of image in front of your boss!!

OK!! Consider this scenario, you are having lunch with your friends and in comes a gang which wont work at all but roam around the facility all the time (replace with the department name you feel suitable, differs from company to company).  And when you ask like this “Can you please hand me that pickle jar?” the usual reply you get is “Oi Uncle! Why are you trying to be formal?” Oh Okie..

As a daily practice we used to have vadas in the shop below our IT park (ahem! ahem!). Considering the business we give to them, he will seldom respect us ( I will eat at least 12 vadas in a shot, 5 guys like me).

“Anna” I said “Some white chutney please!” Coconut chutney has been renamed as white chutney  long time back.

He puts some in my plate and I say “Thank you!”

“Why saying thank you? Did I ask from you?” I didn’t tell anything. Was quite shocked first.

We finished out quota (74 total) and started walking. The shopkeeper realized it only after we crossed the road and was running behind us to get the money.

“Sir! Sir! You forget to give the money. It’s a big amount don’t you think? It’s totally 296 Rs.” he said between his gasps.

“I didn’t forget boss! But you will not like if I give you something you didn’t ask right? Thats why” We payed him and got back to work. At least he will understand and will not humiliate the person who say thank you next time.

And please, Respect the word Thank you.. A simple nod would be enough.. I don’t know about you but i see rudeness is creeping over all the places. People don’t say please, sorry and thank you. Encourage someone who do that.

Now thanks for reading  this long blog.. And thanks for your comments too 🙂


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