It was totally a bizarre kind of day for me. Seriously. I have to tell you the story from the start. No dont yawn or go away. I will keep it as precise as possible.

I was in love with this girl I. And she seemed to be too. But misunderstanding arose and we parted two years back the same day as i proposed her two years before. It was hard to get out of that.. But still..

I met this new girl and I developed feelings for her soon. But without any misunderstanding this time, she left me. I know that she goes to some temple every thursday and made an herculean attempt to get up early in the morning. (It takes 2 hrs for me to reach the temple she goes). As a nice guy i know when to ask help from God. I sat there in temple with closed eyes praying this girl should come.

When I opened my eyes what I saw was this girl I was standing in front of me turning the other side. I wanted to make sure so I just went and had a peek at her face. A zombie look alike with elephant complexion was looking at me curiously.. I ignored him but then noticed he was wispering something in my ex’s ears and she didnt even turn back. May be she thought I would make a scene or something.

Being a good devotee, i returned to my chanting that this new girl would come. But in vain. I got up and took my shoes from the counter to see they were having the prasad together. I cant even see a glint of smile in the face of my ex. May be she is not so happy or whatever.. You know when you see your ex after a long time various emotions engulfs you. Suddenly all the things you done together comes in your mind and takes the image version. The good, the bad. The words that meant differently then now mean completely different.

I walked out of the temple, lighted a cigarette and walked towards a trash bin to unload all the photos of my ex from my purse and dump it in. I dont want her anymore.

And you know what the new girl didnt turn up at all. But still I feel good today that I had dropped some massive weight from my shoulders. I feel it after a very long time. I called the new girl from a PCO. She wont pick up if the call is from ma mobile.  Heard a two hellos and one frustrated one and then i hung up to light another stick.

I now seriously think do I need anyone in my life again??? Whatever


    1. Bragadeesh

      Yeah crap seriously.. At the moment I felt the same but still you know its nice to get experiences like this than to have a plain plain life.. I know you would agree.. Our lives are more spicier than the ones who are around :p

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