The golden old days!

Reminiscing the past is always a favorite for me. Before 5 years.. There were 5 people in our gang. Myself, Bala, Iyappa, Kumar and my brother. Kumar is now posted as a cop (?!). We all were unique personalities. The only person who had bike in gang was my brother and so it became the common property for the whole gang.

I once went with Iyappa for a short trip to next town. Thats when our Iyappa saw a girl. The girl gave a side glance and that was all. Should mention about Iyappa here. In the conservative town of Tirunelveli, when we walk in road even if a girl lifts her head from earth his collar will go up with his usual dialogue “I am getting famous in the neighbourhood. These girls certainly cant resist me”  I wouldnt know how to react or what to ask. So I used to keep mum.

On that particular day also Iyappa with his undampening spirit followed the girl till her home and managed to ask her name. The rest he did was pure celebration to kindle the flame in our stomach and heart. Bala was particularly restless after the incident.

The next day Bala and me went to a hotel and when returning back suddenly Bala started shouting “Stop! Stop!”

I didnt had a clue of what happened. This guy had a habit of cramping his calves while sitting in bike. So stopped

“A girl was turning at us. Can we go and ask her name?” he asked.

“What? Us?” I asked.

“You were driving. She crossed and then she was looking back. I was in the pillion. It doesnt mean she saw me but the logic is…”

“Stop! you want to go and talk to her right? I will catch her for you. But you must talk to her. Is that clear with you?”

Dont think I am not interested in girls. I even stare at the textile shop dolls for hours. But on that particular day, something was not good with me!

We chased her and stopped her. She was frightened but looked confident. (May be acting?) Bala with his stylish self climbed down from the pillion seat and to my shock gave this dialogue

“Prasanna! you wanted to talk something with this girl right?”

“Christ!” I thought. We have chased her and she is almost in a hand distance to me. If I dont talk it will become a big public issue in town tomorrow. So used on ooooooooollllllllllllllllllddddddddd technique.

“Hey! you are Poornima right? Remember? we met in some paper presentation”

“No my name is Sivasankari!” I got my confidence that there will be no unwanted scenes like 10 men chasing us with sickles and sticks.

Then i started asking casual question and collected her college name and all. Apologized and when going to start the bike. She extended her right hand “Nice meeting you”

Bala, who is nowhere in the frame till now hurried to her and gave a firm handshake (?!). That day his celebration in the gang cannot be described. So i refrain from mentioning it here. Sivasankari was obviously way more pretty than the girl Iyappa tried the other day.

It seems the next day Bala was present in the same road, where she was having her computer tuition. She crossed, but didn’t give a look to Bala. I reached there half an hour later.

“Bala! How was today? Did she talk?”

“She is not good. She is talking to everyone. Not the girl for us. Leave it” Bala said.

“Bala! It’s not manners to talk about somebody behind their back. And in this town about a girl, we must not even open the mouth. It will be good for her” I said and noticed a new guy in our place. His name was Mani, Kumar’s friend. Black belt in Karate and heavily built. He spoke like a retarded person other than that he was cool.

“Boss!” Mani called me


“Can you show me that girl?”

“Why? We have better things to do Mani”

“Just a curiosity. Just show me her from distance. It will be enough” he almost fell in my feet.

He nodded his head for everything and i dropped him in the place where she usually crosses. I stood in the shade so that she wouldn’t notice me. She came by that way in 15 minutes. Mani looked confident till then. When her cycle crossed he even signalled to stop her.

Bravo! I thought. None of our guys had dared to do that till date. Good going Mani.

“My friend is waiting to see you for half hour” he said. Sivasankari looked into the shades to find clueless me.

She came near me. I felt like committing suicide with the look she gave me. Not her fault, this is the second time it is happening.

“You could have yourself come. I would not have stopped, but i saw your bike.” Sivasankari said.

Mani was looking something so intently in opposite directions. Cant even beat him. I will get double the time.

“No just like that. This is my friend Mani” I wanted to bring him up in the conversation. But what a gentleman he was. He gave a gentle nod and continued his gaze in darkness.

I babbled out some incoherent things to her, reminded her she is getting late to home and sent her.

Then looked up to Mani and said “Bala is much better than you. Now leave me alone. I am not in for this game anymore”

“Please don’t tell like that boss! I love her?”

“What? From When? You hardly looked at her!”

“The moment she got down from the cycle when i stopped her, i started loving her. You have to support me”

“You don’t know me well. Thats why you are talking like this. But leave me alone. I am getting late” I rushed back home for the delicious dinner waiting for me.

The next day, i purposefully went late to our meeting place. Bala was there. Mani was there but he was injured badly. He was bleeding in his ears and had a dark eye. May be he would have fell from the bike.

“Welcome Prasanna! See what you have done to this fellow” Bala said.

“Hey what is this? How am i responsible for his accident?”

“What? Accident? Who said? He had smashed Sivasankari’s boyfriend and his friends and came straight here?”

“Oh! She has a boyfriend? Good then. Lets leave it like that. But lets hear from Mani. Mani what happened?

“I went to the place where we met her boss. I waited for you but you were late (Cell phone was luxury then). When i went there she was talking with 2 guys. I was angry and when i tried to talk with her fight started.”

“Thats ok! Leave it.” I said.

“No boss! When going she said “i know who sent you. Go tell him. However good he is in looks and behaviour i am not gonna fall for him””

“You mean she referred me?” I asked

“Yes boss! But please be careful. Those two guys are well known for their notorious activities in the town.”

“Why should I be? You loved her”

“Not anymore boss! She has a boyfriend already. We must not go in their way. Good bye”

Haiyo!! Is it fair for him to put me into this mess. I lived undercover for a while in the fear of those two guys. Thats why i say boss. Girls = Problem.


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