Why is love always fresh?

Why is love always new and fresh? Even when we think its all over and try to get on with our life, it silently creeps on our veins and shows us a new beautiful world, when somebody shows a little care.

As said there can be no rules in love. When we correct our mistakes from the past relationships we only end up making things worse in the new relationship. Its just so difficult. And that’s what makes love so interesting.

When we are without a companion, but full of love in our heart all we see is grief and misery around us. There is nobody to smile on us and also you wouldnt smile. But when a lovable companion is with you, nothing else matters.

But again confusion is when the other person gives you cues or you think what the casually talk as cues for your advance to them. This is a confusing point.. I believe anybody is yet to cipher those codes that simple eye lashes and touches leave behind. ๐Ÿ™‚

I recently met a oldย man in a park. He was full of enthusiasm.. He used to discuss things with me. You know something, the guys in my age group never accepted me in their gang. I will be a part of the gang which is atleast 5 years elder than me or 5 yrs younger than me. This time the luck over worked a bit.

He was saying when he says “I love you” to his wife, she still blushes. I was really amazed by this. Once I used to send text to my ex “Good morning. Love you so much”. She sharply replied “Remove the second part from your text messages. Its damn boring”. I asked him how long he was married. He said its their 45th year together.. I can only envy that man.

“We struggled a lot, you know. What you guys face today is nothing new” he continued. I started to listen.

“When we got married, we hardly knew each other. We had our fears. I was fearing whether this girl would understand me and not make my life hell after office hours and she was afraid i would not be a mean husband torturing her for simple things she do by herself” he said. “Only time can solve it. I imbibed confidence slowly to her life and soul that I am her companion and she can believe me. But still after 10 years it started to get boring.”

Natural! I thought

“She was quite aware of that and then she took the position of a friend. You know Prasanna, when you start working for your family and kids, whether you know or not you grow remote from your friends. There will be times you cannot share anything with anybody. She was there. She is my best friend till date. She knows what my eyebrows convey. She will sing the song that goes in my mind exactly from where i stopped. Hard to believe! Isnt it ya kid?”

“True that I am a kid before you?” I said. “Please continue”

“And then at a stage, where I had to make a stop. I got retired. She was aged too and now we have no fear. Not what others would say nothing. But still we exchange glances in a crowded function hall. You should see her face blush when i blow a kiss across a party hall.”

“I am passive that she would ever allow me inside your house, if she know you discussed these things with me” I said.

“No Son. What I tried to do is sharing my life with you. After this age all I can do is just sit and talk about my past. And I see this is the best part of my life. The love I shared with her. Its upto you to take it or not”

“Do you still say ‘I love you’ to her?” I asked.

“Daily!” The old man winked. “But in my own way which she can understand now but found it hard in the beginning”

“What is that?” I was curious.

“As you wish” He said smiling. “These three words i say that i always like what she does. I am not worried because she is there. I am confident in her decisions. I will be back you up in case of any mishappenings. It means more than the other three word sentence to her.”

True i felt. Any girl would look for security in a man. And what a nice way to express it. I would say love is always new and fresh as it keeps people new and fresh. I can say that from the oldman’s face.

The twinkle in his eyes told me what love can do for anyone.


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