Step outside

Solitude vs loneliness.. Nice to think though. Lot of people who read my previous post had advised me not to be like this forever. Even I dont intend too. I have even encountered few strange glances from my colleagues after reading that post.

The world around me seems like a movie to me. Rather an uninteresting one. I just sit and yawn at what is happening around me. And there are couple of moments which made me smile too. Even I was one of those charecters a few days back.

The person who is in lift talking with special someone getting irritated because of the unavailability of signal inside the lift. It was hardly fifteen seconds and i could figure out umpteen number of irritated emotions from his face. I intentionally held the lift for a minute to see his relieved face once he got the signal right in his floor.

People even while asking directions, that is telling a company’s name and even before i open my mouth go busy texting in their mobile phones to someone. I cant help but smile at them.

People who are so much into virtual world that they are so much concerned about the health issues of a puppy of a friend who is staying in KL, Malaysia but not bothered to help a fellow colleague to cope up with his work pressure. This time it didnt bring a smile on face. But still, I am just watching. What more can I do?

This is a new feeling. Getting aloof from the world in which I am in and looking at things. May be sometime before I would have also got tensed about the signal issue in lift and climbed the staircase for my office in sixth floor. May be didnt even bother asking directions when I was texting. Was so immersed in sending e-mails when a friend was in distress.

But what I know very well is i enjoyed every second in doing what i said above. It was like trance. Nothing really mattered. I happily walked six miles just talking in the phone and with no other company. Sure, life would have been so easy if Apple and Black berries stayed just fruits.

But I invite you to step out of your world and watch it once a while. You may find it funny. Even someone tripping down in funny, until it is not you!


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