Second Chance

It is a distant memory of watching Hindi movies on Saturdays in Doordarshan. My sis and bro who studied Hindi made this as an excuse for their Hindi knowledge. I seldom watched those in the fear of attending Hindi class. (What if, they mistook that I am interested in Hindi?) But slowly thanks to my Paani Poori wala’s introduced me to Hindi.

But after the Jism era, I hated watching the skin shows in Hindi movies. I was under impression that Hindi cinema isnt going anywhere in terms of story or execution. Happened to watch the remake of Identity. James Mangold would have commited suicide seeing the remake. But the impression slowly changed when I saw movies like Summer 2008, The Wednesday and one other movie is Ru-Ba-Ru.  I happened to watch this in Doordharshan on Saturday.

I had a lot to relate with the movie, may be I liked it because of that. The male lead of the movie is workaholic living with his girl friend, a wanna be singer. Tara, the female lead wants Nikhil, the male lead to marry her but he was too ambitious and is putting things in hold. One fine day when he has an important presentation in his office, and also the first stage play of Tara. At the end of the play resulting in a heated argument, Tara hires a cab and leaves Nikhil in the restaurant. The cab is hit by a truck resulting in Tara’s death. After the formalities Nikhil goes to bed.

When he wakes up he sees Tara by his side implementing the whole thing was a dream. But trouble starts when things starts happening same to same on the day and when Nikhil is left with very low time to show all his love for Tara. The climax was touchy.

It is true that we dont always get a second chance. One angry word and one bad deed, cannot be taken back. When the word or the deed takes the person away, whom we had taken for granted till then, it is the pain of the world to bear it. We will sink into it and will curse the moment which made us to blurt out that word. I cannot preach all you guys to be careful of not speaking that fatal word, because its out of our control, but to have a point not to hurt anyone even a little. We are here to spread smiles. Not the other way around.

As the tagline of the movie says “Not everybody gets a second chance.”

The movie was same to same remake of Hollywood movie “If Only” released in 2004.


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