Bucket List

Things to do before its too late:-

  1. Take a month long vacation and go to exact opposite side of the country and live there for a month. (Learning a new language is optional)
  2. Go Sky diving in Newzealand
  3. Swim in sea
  4. Scuba dive in Andamans
  5. Auditioned to be on TV. Serials or reality shows or whatever
  6. Throw a big party and supply all booze and wish to see everyone I know in the party
  7. Become skilled in playing guitar
  8. Start playing flute again
  9. Learn to speak a foreign language
  10. Own a DSLR
  11. Create a world class library in home and stack it up with best of the books in the world
  12. Go Mountain Climbing
  13. Sleep under stars in an exotic location.
  14. Embark on atleast a week long road trip with three of my best friends
  15. Get in a great shape and maintain the fitness
  16. Master one particluar style of dance
  17. Write a book
  18. To be in Munich
  19. Catch a ride in Hot air balloon
  20. Buy my first house
  21. Learn to make a cocktail
  22. Run in a marathon
  23. Stand up before a big audience and give a clear, sensible meaningful speech
  24. Sign the book I’ve written for someone I dont know.
  25. Shoot a gun
  26. Bicycle around the city
  27. Learn some kind of martial arts
  28. Try and learn Parkour
  29. Learn to build a catamaran
  30. Learn to surf
  31. Visit some trekking site abroad
  32. Shoot one awesome picture
  33. Embark a journey of lifetime
  34. Feel the snow
  35. Visit Louvre.
  36. Visit Eiffel Tower
  37. Visit the top of empire state building
  38. Attend a FIFA world cup match live
  39. Attend a India-Pakistan cricket match live in the stadium
  40. Fall hopelessly in love.
  41. Take a long walk on a scenic place with your backpack and collapse exhausted near a river bed
  42. Attend a concert
  43. Live homeless in a distant town. Enjoy vagabonding
  44. Memorize Thirukural and use it as quotations whenever needed.
  45. Help unconditionally
  46. Get one scar with a good story to tell about that.
  47. Suffer silently coz of love
  48. Go long, real long rides onΒ motorbike
  49. Snowboard in Auli.
  50. Own a nice watch collection
  51. Own a nice sun glass collection
  52. Escape a dangerous situation. (With friends like mine, No big deal)
  53. Be a best man at wedding
  54. Drop everything I do to be with a friend in need.
  55. Be mentored by some amazing indvidual
  56. Mentor someone to not to become like me
  57. Work for a non-profit organization; Volunteer for something useful
  58. Make a mixtape for a girl and give it to her in an IPod.(Gave it as a soundcloud link. But hey, that counts as well)
  59. Work for a respected company
  60. Start my own company and make it bigger.
  61. Go without using mobile phones for six months
  62. Maintain a strong relationship with father, brother and mother.
  63. To be quick to forgive and not to hold grudges (Sure tough one for me)
  64. Agree to lead.
  65. Do some remarkable help for someone without anyone knowing it.
  66. Lie down in a grass field with a girl and name the stars all night.
  67. Walk into a bar and every one say “Hey Prasanna!!”
  68. Break a furniture with a fit of frustration and anger.
  69. Shoot a non linear short film that confuses Christopher Nolan
  70. Spend a season in seclusion in a cabin in wilderness, type thoughts in an old typewriter, smoking pipe.
  71. Own cool artworks, Hang it in a wall
  72. In my own house, have a room for music. Just players, CDs, tapes and instruments.
  73. Pour my sould into a sensible project. Work in it with sweat in brows. Work pushing sleep and food aside. Work late in night and when finished let out a shout, go to balcony, light a cigarette and stare at the night knowingly.
  74. Prove my worth to people who insulted me in the past. Search them out and do some remarkable help for them. Walk away without saying a word after that.
  75. Foot board in air plane.
  76. Burn something.
  77. Attend Jallikattu in Madurai.
  78. Visit a Buddist monastry in Tibet and Bhutan.
  79. Watch a symphony.
  80. Assemble a motorcycle according to my own taste.
  81. Shake hands with some one really admirable.
  82. Have a really stupid accident which necessiate hospitalization.
  83. Break a glass window.
  84. Stay up all night listening to a girl (No, Not FM)
  85. Try fencing and beat my manager in that.
  86. Save someone’s life.
  87. Get drenched in rain all night.
  88. Do bungee jumping
  89. Travel throughout the country for photodrive. πŸ™‚
  90. Visit Vatican and call someone from St. Peters’ Bascillia.
  91. Flirt with stranger
  92. Play witha 2 year old kid and make her enjoy it (Was never able to do this. Dunno why, kids are scared of me).
  93. Sing a lullaby to some one who is more than 60 years of age.
  94. Take care of someone who is drunk.
  95. Take a midnight walk in beach.
  96. Write some message, put it in a bottle and throw it into the sea.
  97. Play in mud.
  98. Watch 3 movies back to back in a cinema hall.
  99. Get a tattoo.
  100. Give flowers to a girl who had long forgotten me.


  1. Mukund

    Coool Brag…..

    YOU can easily achieve it…. . you could still add an 100 more to it and list it as 200 odd…

    1. No. 23,44 sounds different to me.. .ah ha hahahaa.
    2. 56 didn’t look good to me..
    3. Loved no. 61, 66, 93… Awesome wishes man.. hope u don’t have any copyrigts to ur wishes… Be prepared with a lullaby….

    1. --- :) ----

      Yeah me too Susan. Gentle reminder for me whenever I get bogged down by routine. Things to do before I sleep πŸ˜‰

  2. GS

    Superb list boss.. Loved reading through it and could imagine the sense of satisfaction when you crossed each item off the list.. Sort of gives a direction to the rest of your life πŸ™‚

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    1. Post
  3. Vidya

    I love this list! I have a smaller bucket and I have it written in my journal! πŸ™‚ I want to see you cross off all the items in this list!

  4. Kavitha Ramasamy

    You can do the 24th task in the list by sending ur book to me signed by u.
    No issues in paying and getting it.nees a hard copy sir.
    Feel of the book while reading it is something special.
    Best Wishes

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